2022 – Costs and permits

2022 – Costs and Permits

There are no costs and no permits required to hike the Arctic Circle Trail.

However, if you would like to support the trail’s development, please consider donating. All contributions will be used only for the purposes of improving the hiking experience along the trail.

Map with compass for planning hiking

Tell us about your hiking plans

Another way you can help us is by telling us your Arctic Circle Trail plans before you hike. This helps us to understand who walks the trail and allows us to manage it appropriately for future hikers. 

Given you may not have internet access once you arrive in Greenland, we encourage you to fill out this form from home once you’ve booked your flights.

Note: this information is for trail management purposes only. Please ensure you have taken all appropriate safety precautions, as this information will not be passed along to rescue services.


For those who wish to fish along the trek, you do need to purchase a fishing license. These can be obtained at the Post Office (Tusass) in any town in Greenland including Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. More information can be found on the Municipality website (Danish only. Right-click on the page and choose “Translate to …”).