Costs and permits

Costs and Permits

There are currently no permits or costs associated with hiking the Arctic Circle Trail.

However, we ask that you to support the trail’s maintenance through a donation – either before or after your hike. There is no budget allocated to maintaining the trail at present, and all donations will be used only for the purposes of improving the experience along the trail.

Sign pointing to the Itinneq bridge on the Arctic Circle Trail
Photo: Aningaaq Rosing Carlsen – Visit Greenland

Help us count the number of users

In 2023, we are asking ALL users of the Arctic Circle Trail (regardless of nationality, which direction you are going, how you are traversing it, or whether you are travelling in a group) to please call into the Canoe Centre and fill out the form you will find there.  

The image shows how this has been set up in the centre of the main room. Every hiker/user (even if you are travelling with others) should fill in a form, fold it up and place it in the red Brugseni bag.

Once we find out how many ACT users we have, we will be much better able to:

  1. apply for funding to help maintain the trail and improve the user experience
  2. protect the environment by monitoring numbers of users
  3. identify how people are using the trail

All information is kept private within Destination Arctic Circle and aggregated before it is used for reports and planning purposes.

Sign and forms to count number of ACT users 2023


For those who wish to fish along the trek, you do need to purchase a fishing license. These can be obtained at the Post Office (Tusass) in any town in Greenland including Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. More information can be found on the Municipality website (Danish only. Right-click on the page and choose “Translate to …”).