Alerts and trail status

Alerts and trail status

We update the main information on every February based on issues reported by hikers and work completed the previous summer. This Alerts and Trail Status section is updated more regularly with urgent items – as soon as hikers or locals report them to us.

Please help us by reporting any urgent issues or threats you encounter by emailing act at

We also recommend that you join the ACT Facebook Group, as hikers regularly report on the current trail conditions in that forum.

The following are the currently active alerts for the Arctic Circle Trail.

2024 ACT Webinar

Effective: 16 April 2024

Until: 16 April 2024


Login details:
Meeting ID: 346 077 746 297
Passcode: GH2Lvq

This year it will just be me giving an update on the current status of the trail as well as what is planned for this summer. As always, there will be opportunities to ask questions.

Save the date: Tuesday, April 16, 2024

3pm (West Greenlandic Time)

9am (Pacific Daylight Time)

6pm (Central European Standard Time)

2am Wednesday, April 17 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

This is to accommodate the majority of people who have historically hiked the trail (North America and Europe). I apologise in advance to my fellow Aussies and those located in the Asia/Pacific region.

For those who can’t make it live – we will be recording it and making it available on our YouTube channel, so you can catch it there after the event. Submit any questions a couple of days in advance to

The webinar will be in English

Last year’s webinar, which also included the experiences of two hikers, is linked further down the Alerts page.

Hope to see you in the audience on April 16!

Itinneq River Bridge – repair

Effective: 2 Aug 2023

Until: TBD


The bridge across the Itinneq River (GPS: 66.9880817, -52.3358973) almost washed away in 2023. The images show the status at the end of the season.

It should be usable, and we are currently seeking funding to update the bridge and move it to a more secure location.

As always, do not cross if it looks dangerous. Turn back.

Construction work near Sisimiut end of the trail

Effective: 20 June 2023

Until: TBD


Funding was recently granted and construction started on the last stage of the ATV track from Kangerluarsuk Tulleq to Sisimiut. I have confirmed with the construction company that they are aware of ACT hikers coming through. They assure me there is no danger. Just be aware that you will encounter workers and one piece of heavy machinery at some point during this stretch.

This affects both the Original and Southern routes.

Better route descending from Kangerlussuaq to Katiffik

Effective: 20 June 2023

Until: TBD


If you are approaching Katiffik hut from Kangerlussuaq, most people follow the grey dashed route in the image opposite. Certainly the cairn that leads you off that way is the most visible.

However, a better route is the solid red line. You still get amazing views and there is a trail to follow, but it is nowhere near as steep as the other. I have not yet hiked the dot-dash line, but suspect the views will not be as good.

I will be making it clearer that hikers should go this direction when I hike the trail at the end of August – but until then, something to keep in mind.

I have updated the GPX track with the suggested route.

ACT webinar

Effective: 11 May 2023

Until: 31 December 2023


Watch the lastest informational webinar on the ACT – held 11 May 2023. It includes experiences from 2 people who hiked the trail last year (one for the 1st time, one for the 8th time), as well as an update of current and future work on the trail.

Aggressive foxes

Effective: 9 Mar 2023

Until: TBD


There have been a few reports of aggressive foxes – particularly in the Eqalugaarniarfik hut area. These animals likely have rabies. It is important for hikers to protect themselves at all costs if they encounter one by using hiking poles (or other implements) to keep the animal at a distance.

If you do encounter an aggressive fox- please let us know ASAP when you are back in contact. Tell us where you encountered it so that we can then dispatch local hunters to shoot the affected animal.

Although encounters are not very common, hikers may want to consider getting rabies shots before their ACT hike.

Crossing to Sarfannguit – Southern Route

Effective: 1 June 2022

Until: TBD


At the moment, there is no established way to cross over to Sarfannguit for a visit. We are working on this for 2025. However, you might get lucky and be able to hail a local who can ferry you across. Note: it is likely the boat owner will NOT be licensed to carry passengers. It is up to you if you want to risk the crossing and hail them.