When to hike the ACT

When to hike the ACT

Traversing the ACT is possible in both summer and winter, though the experiences are obviously very different depending on when you go.  The two main windows are mid-June to late-September and mid-February to April.  

Outside of these times the trail becomes difficult as:

  • the weather is very unpredictable
  • the lakes have not yet iced over or the ice is starting to melt/become unstable 
  • the trail is very boggy due to melting snow

We do not recommend that you attempt the trail between October and February. 

Please remember that whenever you decide to hike the trail, you do so at your own risk and you should have appropriate travel insurance that includes remote rescue.

Most of the information contained on this website refers to hiking the ACT during summer or autumn/fall.

The Arctic Circle Trail winding its way through the colourful autumn / fall vegetation under overcast skies

Hiking the ACT in autumn

Seasonal dates, and the pros and cons of hiking Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail in autumn / fall

2 people Fatbiking the snow-covered Arctic Circle Trail in winter

Doing the ACT in winter

Seasonal dates, available experiences, and pros and cons of doing Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail in winter