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Donate to Arctic Circle Trail

Autumn colours on the Arctic Circle Trail. Support or donate to the trail to protect this environment
Photo: Iris Steigemann

Make a donation

Due to Greenlandic legislation, we are only able to accept donations between June 1 and October 31st in any particular year.

It is possible to donate via bank transfer (please email for details), PayPal, or credit card.

*Note: this is a new way of accepting payments for us. Please contact us at if you have any issues

Why donate

Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail is one of the oldest hiking trails in the Arctic. A place where people can unplug, unwind, and re-discover their inner #naturebeing on an epic journey through untouched wilderness.

In the spirit of the ancient Inuit, the Arctic Circle Trail is free for anyone to traverse and we would like to keep it this way. However, as the trail grows in popularity, so too does the need to manage it in a way that preserves its pristine nature while also ensuring a positive experience for hikers. 

For this, we need your help. Currently, there is no dedicated budget for the ACT, so we rely on donations for its maintenance.

Your donation to the Arctic Circle Trail will: 

Enable the development of new hiking options and extensions for the ACT

Allow us to respond to maintenance issues and hiker suggestions more quickly

Support the addition of limited infrastructure to help preserve the environment

Repay the love the Arctic Circle Trail showed to you, or show your love to the true wilderness areas of the planet by supporting the ACT. Every Krone counts.