Trail options

Trail options

The “classic” Arctic Circle Trail runs between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. However, there are several options for extending your trek by one or a few days.

People looking at a meltwater river on the Greenland Icesheet at Point 660 near Kangerlussuaq - trail extension option for the Arctic Circle Trail
Photo: Lasse Kyed – Destination Arctic Circle

Start from the Ice Sheet


Rather than beginning the trek in Kangerlussuaq, join a tour to Point 660 and ask to be left there. Walk along the road to the Russell Glacier and then either continue along the road or along the Ice Ridge Trail to Kangerlussuaq.

Walking from Point 660 adds around 37km and 2-3 extra days to the trek.

Start from the Russell Glacier


As with Point 660, join a tour and ask to be left at the Russell Glacier once everyone has gone. Camping in front of the 60m high wall of ice and having the place largely to yourself will be one of the highlights of the trip.

You can walk along the road back to Kangerlussuaq (easier), or hike along the Ice Ridge Trail (more challenging) that follows the ridgeline above the road.

Walking from the Russell Glacier adds around 25km and 1-2 extra days to the trek.

People hiking in front of the Russell Glacier near Kangerlussuaq - a great trail extension option for the Arctic Circle Trail
Photo: Lasse Kyed – Destination Arctic Circle
Hiker at the summit of Nasaasaaq Peak near Sisimiut - a great trail extension option for the Arctic Circle Trail
Photo: Lisa Germany – Visit Greenland

Nasaasaaq Mountain


As you approach Sisimiut, keep an eye out for a cairn with both blue and red markings on it and a clear path heading off to the left towards the mountains towering above you. The best place for camping is at the base of Nasaasaaq Peak (turn left at the second saddle). Please see our general hiking page for more information about the route.

This doesn’t add too much distance to the trail and, alternatively, can be done as a day hike from Sisimiut. However, to camp overnight and watch the sunset and/or sunrise from either Nasaasaaq Peak or Nasaasaaq Bluff is unforgettable.

Enter Sisimiut via Oqummiannguaq


When you approach the final river crossing before Sisimiut, there is an option to go around the back side of the standalone Oqummiannguaq mountain, rather than following the ATV track all the way into town.

This leads you through beautiful green valleys, and brings you into Sisimiut along the road out to the UFO trail.

It is a slightly longer route than continuing down the ATV track.

behind Oqummiannguaq - the river and valley near Sisimiut
Photo: Lisa Germany – Destination Arctic Circle

Other hiking options

There are many other hikes available from both Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut that you might like to add into your itinerary.

Check out our dedicated hiking page for more details.