Doing the ACT in winter

Doing the ACT in winter (mid-February – April)

2 people Fatbiking the snow-covered Arctic Circle Trail in winter
Photo: Olafur

It is also possible to hike the ACT with snowshoes during winter, though very few people have tackled that challenge so far. Those who do it on foot tend to ski it.

We do not recommend hiking the ACT alone during winter.

In winter, the route is slightly different and essentially follows the snowmobile/dogsled trail between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. It is also slightly shorter as there is no need to go around all the lakes, you can just walk across their frozen surfaces.

Another advantage of hiking the ACT during winter is that you don’t have to carry your pack. You have the option of a pulk – a sled that you drag along the snow behind you. However, you must be prepared for very cold temperatures with high quality, appropriate gear.

If you want to experience the Arctic Circle trail during winter but don’t want to hike it, other options include skiing, fatbiking, dogsledding, and snowmobiling, or you can arrange a combo tour from either Sisimiut or Kangerlussuaq.

Combine with winter events

There are two big events held in Sisimiut each winter that you could combine with your Arctic Circle Trail hike.

The Arctic Circle Race is a 3-day event often hailed as the world’s toughest ski race. It is one of the biggest events in Greenland each year and is usually held in March or April.

The Arctic Sounds Festival is one of Greenland’s largest music festivals. It is usually held in April and features both Greenlandic (some of the best music you’ve never heard of) and international performers