Getting to the trailhead

How to get to the ACT trailhead

The Arctic Circle Trail connects Kangerlussuaq with Sisimiut and starts on the outskirts of each town. 


From Kangerlussuaq – start at Old Camp and walk 16km along the dirt road that leads to Kellyville. Just before the gravel road turns sharply to the left, you will find the characteristic trail marker of a red half-sun painted on it. Follow these markings all the way to Sisimiut making sure to set out along the hiking trail and not the ATV track. 

If you want to avoid walking the 16km along the road, you can arrange a transfer to the trailhead with Albatros Arctic Circle, Arctic Ice Tours, or Kang Mini Tours.


From Sisimiut – walk (or catch a taxi or the bus) up the main street past the Hotel Sisimiut to the boom gate at the end of the road. Go through the boom gate and follow the dirt road to Sisimiut’s water supply (the large lake) at the base of Nasaasaaq Mountain. There you will find the first of the stone cairns with their red half-sun.