Preparing for the trail

Preparing for the trail – before you start

Walking the Arctic Circle Trail is a life-changing experience. Several hikers have become so bewitched by the silence and solitude it offers that they have embraced their inner #naturebeing and hiked it numerous times. 

That said, it is important to determine whether it is the right trail for you and also to prepare carefully so your trek is an enjoyable and safe one.

This section provides guidance and advice on these aspects of an ACT adventure.

Sign pointing to the Itinneq bridge on the Arctic Circle Trail

Costs and permits

Information about costs and permits, including fishing permits for the Arctic Circle Trail

Map with compass for planning hiking


Description of the maps, trail guides, GPS coordinates and other navigation aids for the Arctic Circle Trail

the personal locator beacons (plbs) available for hire for the Arctic Circle Trail

PLB hire

Hire one of our personal locator beacons (PLBs) to keep you safe

Person inside a tent look out to a beautiful morning on the Arctic Circle Trail

Recommended gear

Recommended gear / packing list for those considering hiking the Arctic Circle Trail

Weather is the primary safety concern on the Arctic Circle Trail. Make sure you are prepared for sudden changes like when a storm comes in


What to look out for to keep yourself safe on the Arctic Circle Trail

The Post Office and telecommunications company in Greenland is called Tusass. This one is in Kangerlussuaq

Sending gear on

Options for what to do with extra gear you don’t want to carry on the Arctic Circle Trail