Cleaning the ACT huts

Keeping the huts clean

Every person who uses the huts must help keep them clean.

Inside eating area Innajuatooq II hut - the Lake House - on the Arctic Circle Trail


  • wipe down all benches and tables after you have finished using them
  • sweep the floor and take the dirt outside if you are last to leave in the morning
  • do not leave empty gas cannisters or food in zip-lock bags in the hut
  • spend 2 minutes to pick up any litter you see around the hut and put it in the blue bin outside

In addition:

Helping keep the huts clean is a requirement of all those who choose to use them. Please do the right thing so others can also enjoy their shelter.

Finally, please don’t leave the doors or windows open during mosquito season 🦟🦟🦟 Nobody wants to share the hut with those bloodsuckers!

Always close the door behind you.