The charging station

The charging station

There is only one point along the Arctic Circle Trail where you can charge batteries – the Canoe Center. The hut is equiped with solar panels and the charging station is located inside the main common area.

The sockets are standard, 2-pin, European 230V design – so make sure you bring an adaptor if you need. There is no USB charging option.

Note: charging is slow – even under the best of circumstances

Charging Station at the Canoe Center with insert panel showing the switch

How to use the charging station

The current is controlled using the black switch (see insert on image)

  • to charge your device – switch it to “on”
  • when you have finished charging your device – switch it to “charger only”

Please remember to always turn the switch to “charger only” once you are done so the batteries can recharge for the next person.

As a good hiking community member, make sure you share the resource with others at the hut. If others are waiting to use the charging station, we recommend just topping up your device rather than doing a complete re-charge.